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We're together in this Fight against COVID19. A Sample diet plan

A Nutritious diet and a good immune system in the body go hand in hand. You did all necessary steps and precautionary measures, but still you got caught with this nasty, novel Coronavirus or COVID – 19.

With the rise of cases during this second wave of pandemic it’s very important to build strong immune system with a balanced diet.

Getting Sick is never fun, and this experience which makes you wonder about recovery and aftereffects. All you need is a little patience and courage.

This is a precautionary diet plan for individuals who have came in contact with Covid Positive patients or who might have mild or no symptoms or even completely asymptomatic. It is also useful for people who tested positive and stay in isolation at home or quarantine facility.

Note: People with pre-existing health issues and severe complications must consult a Dietitian/ Nutritionist before following ant specific diet plan circulated over the social media or internet.

Sample Plan:

On wake Up : 1 glass of water soaked with grated ginger overnight + 5 Soaked Almonds + few raisins

After 30mins: Green tea 1 cup

Breakfast: Any Fruit + Idly (3-4) / Dosa (1-2) / Poha 1 cup / Millet Upma 1 cup + Sambhar 1 cup + mint & Coriander chutney


Fruit + Whole Wheat Bread slices 3 with 2 egg whites

Mid-Morning: 1 glass of lemon water with


A carrot & Tomato soup with grated ginger and pepper powder 1 bowl

Lunch: A of Salad with ginger and Lemon + 2 cups of brown rice + a cup of dal + a cup of veg curry + a cup of Curd

Evening Snacks: a glass of carrot + beetroot juice with a ting of ginger


A cup of sprouts with 1 tsp of lemon juice

Dinner: A Seasonal fruit + 2 Pulkas+ 1 cup Dal


Vegetable sprouts salad + Cup of Oats / Poha

Bed time: A glass of buttermilk.

Some Important Tips

1) Focus on Hydration: Hydration is most important for everyone. Even if you don’t feel like eating, make sure you sip on water, juices and soups to stay hydrated.

2) Small frequent meals are very important to keep your energy levels.

3) Include good amounts of whole fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. These foods are rich in phytochemicals and other plant compounds that can boost your health and gear up your body up to fight against illness.

4) Vitamins and mineral rich liquids are crucial when you have the flu, whereas too much sugar can cause diarrhoea. Hence try to reduce or avoid excess sugar intake.

5) Also avoid foods that reduce functioning of your immunity such as processed foods and sugars.

6) Foods rich in probiotics help strengthen gut immunity, so include good amounts of curd, butter milk or yogurt.

7) Gargle with warm salt water frequently.

8) Having a proper sleep is also equally important to have a good immune system along with a balanced diet.

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