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We have only 1 Heart for life. Care for it

As the world struggles to fight COVID-19, we’ve never been more aware of the importance of our and our loved one’s health.

29th September of every year is celebrated as world heart day.

This year on world heart day we are asking the world to:


USE HEART TO CONNECT is about connecting with our own hearts, making sure we’re fuelling and nurturing them as best we can, and using the power of love to connect every heart, everywhere. The 3 Key aspects of this are:


Disconnected hearts are at greater risk of heart disease and stroke. The Heart represents love, while our blood represents joy. Our hearts lovingly pump joy throughout our bodies. When we deny ourselves joy and love, the heart shrivels and becomes cold. Heart attack people are never joyous people. If they do not take time to appreciate the joys of life, they will just recreate another heart attack in time. Heart beats to the rhythm of love. Bring joy back to the centre of your heart and express your love to all. Joy, Joy, Joy. Lovingly allow joy to flow through your mind, body and experience. Breath freely, fully and trust the process of life.

Prevention: Look after your heart by eating a healthy diet, saying no to tobacco, and getting plenty of exercise.

Steps to follow for a Healthy Heart

a. Control portion size by using smaller plate or bowl

b. Eat more amounts of nutrient rich foods such as fruits & vegetables

c. Eat smaller amounts of refined, processed and fat foods

d. Select whole grains over refined

e. Limit unhealthy fats such as saturated and trans fats

f. Reduce salt (sodium) in your foods by recuing table salt added to food you eat

g. Allow yourself an occasional treat.


Healthy families make Healthy communities. Every parent must understand the importance of eating the right foods and physical activity. They must create interest by adopting healthy lifestyle practices, where every family member is connected and motivated. Leave the gadgets at home and take short walks with your kids or pets. Make some time to visit your near and dear instead of connecting on social media.

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