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Let the Creativity Flow: A Holistic Approach to Hypothyroidism

Updated: May 25, 2021

Hypothyroidism is one of the major hormonal imbalances faced by many Indians which is next to Diabetes. It is not just women, but even men also are impacted in this generation.

Some of you might have already tired of trying multiple methods to solve the problem. Did you ever imagine that your mental wellbeing can also be a contributing factor in the healing process?

Hypothyroidism is also called underactive thyroid disorder. It is a condition in which thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough of hormones.

Thyroid is a small butterfly shaped organ which is in front of the neck and releases hormones to regulate metabolism. Holistically our throat represents the creative flow in the body. Therefore, let the creative butterfly go free from anxiety and fear of failure.

Famous Author Louise Hay says in her book -

“Throat is where we express our creativity, and when our creativity is stifled and frustrated, we often have throat problems. We all know many people to live their whole lives for others. They never get to do what they want to do. They are always pleasing mothers/ fathers/spouses/lovers/bosses. Thyroid problems are just frustrated creativity, resulting from not being able to do what you want to do.

The energy centre in the throat, the fifth chakra, is the place in the body where change takes place. When we are resisting change or in the middle of the change or trying to change, we often have a lot of activity in our throats.”

Many of us would have experienced humiliation at certain point of your life. Carrying this though of humiliation for a longer period has an affect on your thyroid gland. Did you ever experienced that “I never get to do what I want to do, when is it going to be my turn?”

Now try this instead:

“I move beyond old limitations and now myself to express freely and creatively”

Affirm this for next 21 days and notice the changes happening in your body. Try this with full faith in the healing process and more importantly courage and trust in your transformation.

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1 Comment

Very much inspiring . As we see people with Thyroid problems are often low because of weight gain or other hormonal issues affecting hair , skin and many other functions. Hence, this post will help them gain confidence and not lose hope .

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