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            Mrs. Mayuri started TruDiet in the year 2016 after working with several health and wellness organisations. She was featured in numerous nutrition awareness campaigns of several print media of Telangana. Also featured in All India Radio and other Television channels including Doordarshan as health domain expert.


         She is in top 10 nutritionists of Hyderabad for multiple years and was recognised for her work with several awards and accolades.

              She provided Diet care services to several notable film and TV personalities. She has also conducted wellness programs for corporate clients like InfoSys, CYIENT, and DeShaw.

                  Currently, she is also co-hosting  an online webinar series ''Tuesday Tea talks" - which is a unique initiative featuring experts from the Nutrition and Diet care talk on the trending topics of health care.

Shree Hari Priya Tangirala is a Certified Life coach by Arfeen Khan and a Holistic Nutritionist on a mission to transform lives. She has 15 years experience in education and nutrition advisory to corporate companies.

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