Those Healthy Millet's are Back

Updated: Apr 20

Millet is a part of our Indian tradition, and has been forgotten by most of us. In fact, there is a negative attitude towards it especially in urban population who normally think of it is a layman’s food or they call it as village food as they are unattractive and forgetting the fact that they were part of our meal way back 50 to 60 years.

Millet's are group of cereals other than rice, wheat, maize and barley. They are tiny in size, round in shape, and ready to use as it is. They are widely grown around the world as cereal crop. For centuries millet has been a prized crop in India, China, Africa and Egypt. It was also called as treasured crop in the bible!

It can also be used as traditional cereal or it can also be used in porridge, snacks and other breads, since it’s very high in starch, like most other grains. These tiny grains are very good source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. They are also called as power house of fiber, calcium and iron. They are even gluten free, so celiac sufferers can turn to millet's as their source of grains.

There are 6000 varieties of millet throughout the world with grains varying in color from pale yellow to grey, to white and red. Today I would focus on the 4 most commonly used grains in India.


Millet's are superior to rice and wheat by all of the nutritional parameters. They have a very high mineral content compared to rice and wheat. Finger millet has three times more calcium than rice while every other millet has at least twice the amount of calcium compared to rice. While most of us seek a micro nutrient such as beta-carotene in pharmaceutical pills and capsules, millets offer it in abundant amounts. The most privileged rice ironically has zero quantity of this precious nutrient. Therefore, it is extraordinarily superior to rice and wheat in all possible comparisons, and is a solution to micro-nutrient deficiency that affects a vast majority of Indian population.


Nutritive values are for 100 gm of each millet

Source: NIN

Health Benefits of Millet's: